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If you want to know the latest news about health, newest services and applications from the field of telehealth services, health and ehealth apps, then Telehealther.com is the choice for you. One of the greatest advances in modern healthcare technology arrived in the form of Telemedicine and Telehealth, two concepts of enabling you to take care of your health without wasting your time, a piece of mind and money.


If you notice some health issue or symptom, the first step that you have to do is to contact your doctor. This is a completely natural response, but over 70% of those initial consultations are only of informative nature. Wouldn’t it be more convenient and easy for you to make that consultation from your own bed or favorite armchair in your home than strain yourself with going to the health clinic, waste time in waiting rooms, enduring schedules that would even force you to wait weeks, navigate car traffic in rush hour, and more? Telemedicine is a solution for all that problems, enabling you to achieve cheaper, simpler and more convenient access to health professionals that may help you with your health conditions. Telemedicine can not only connect you to primary health providers, but also all forms of healthcare specialists that may greatly help with the formation of your accurate diagnosis. In addition to the consultations with the online doctors with your mobile phone or computer, telemedicine also allows you to monitor your health with the incredible new capabilities of mobile devices and medical apps that can replace various conventional health monitoring services and enable you to feel safe and secure in every moment of your life.


The main mission of Telehealther.com portal is to help you by offering independent and relevant information about every ehealth service that is offered on our lists. We present the best and most useful services that will enable you to remain healthy and invigorated without wasting money and time.


Because we are serious about wanting to earn your trust, we are taking big care about what applications and services are presented on our portal, and that each listed service has earned all necessary certificates and permits. Also, we allow all our users to leave their positive or negative impressions about each service they have tested and used so far. That way we offer you best and most relevant information based on the real-world impressions of other users.


Your health is our mission.  Telehealther.com