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Babylon Health

What is Babylon Health?

Babylon Health is a telemedicine app that allows you to perform online consultations with doctors directly from the comfort of your home, sidestepping annoying issues such as scheduling, travel, long waits in doctor offices and more.


How Babylon Health works?

Babylon Health service serves as a portal that can connect you with a wide array of medical professionals directly on your smartphone or tablet. After the schedule is created and consultation session is started, you can get answers to your medical questions directly from licensed doctors and physicians, get prescriptions, and more.

This service can be linked and accessed from within Samsung’s popular S Health app.


Basic Babylon service is free. It consists from free text chat with medical professionals, health monitoring tools and more.

Premium payment plans and fees for online consultations:

  • £5 per month (minimum 3 months) for unlimited access
  • £50 per year for unlimited access
  • £25 per one-off consultation
  • £39 per one-off  appointment with therapist
  • £49 per one-off appointment with a specialist

Babylon Health Doctor Credentials

Babylon Health employs only the best and licensed doctors from the United Kingdom. Their screening process allows only 1 in 100 doctors to pass their tough hiring process.

What can Babylon Health treat?

With Babylon Health you can instantly get a direct consultation regarding common medical issues for children: Fever, Cold/Cough, Nosebleed, Insect Bites, Diarrhea/Vomiting, Rash, AsthmaLice, Ingestion of poisonous substances, Sore Throat, Learning and emotional problems, Sight, speech and hearing difficulties, Influenza

And of course many more common medical issues in adults, such as: Travel Medicine, Diabetes, Back Pain, Thyroid Disorders, Sports Injuries,Depression, Nausea, Chest or Upper Respiratory Infection, Heartburn , AllergiesFungal infections, EczemaColds and Flu, Digestive Disorders, Urinary Tract Infection, Repeat Prescriptions

User Data Security

-Security features supported by Babylon Health:

-Encrypted storage of user Clinical Records (primary care information, secondary care information, medication information and diagnostic information, recordings of private consultations, and more)

-Encrypted communication

-Automatic log-out function after 30 minutes of inactivity

-Password-protected access to Clinical Records

-Private consultations

-Secure protection of payment information

Supported Platforms

iOS, Android and web browser

Supported Languages


Regional Restrictions

The app is accessible worldwide, but Babylon Health hand picked doctors are operating only from within UK and Ireland. Babylon specialists are not currently available in Ireland, but referrals can be scheduled from within the app.



Name: Babylon Health

Description: Online consultation with doctors

  • 10/10
    Time of response - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Easy to use - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Privacy data - 10/10

Telehealther Review


  • Well-designed telemedicine app
  • Instant access to licensed doctors
  • Covers wide array of common medical issues
  • Free text chat
  • Option for in-app purchase of test kits
  • Cons

  • Spotty integration with Samsung’s S Health
  • Not available on all Android phones
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