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Emfit QS

This popular sleep tracker device is focused almost solely on heart-rate variability (HRV) monitoring of sleeping athletes. It achieves this feature utilizing contactless ballistocardiography technique, which analyzes sound data to measure heart rate changes during sleep, athletic performance metrics (strengthening of users heart rate over time), recovery times and more.

Simply saying, Emfit QS easily beat its rivals by the sheer amount of data points that it captures and drivers to the user.


Finnish technology company Emfit arrived on the market promoting for decades their lines of various bio-sensors that were used in various health applications by other health device manufacturers. With access to great sensor solutions, hardware manufacturing capability and research history that includes over  100 published scientific research articles regarding the health of athletes, they decided to release their own sleep tracking device.


Emfit QS Overview

Emfit QS is Emfit’s first consumer device intended to be sold on the open market. It features sophisticated and highly precise contactless sensors for sleep monitoring that can observe health status and create general sleep analysis of not only athletes but also anyone else. However, athletes such as cross-fitters and professional sportsmen and women will know to appreciate an advanced feature-set of highly detailed sleep metrics.

The accompanying web application of Emfit QS can showcase both the common metrics (breathing, movement, heart rate, sleep stage phases)  and advanced metrics for athletes (heart rate variability during the night’s rest, recovery, and stress levels). All those parameters are presented in an intuitive and very data-rich visual interface.


Ballistocardiography technique is not unique to Emfit QS, since it is already part of other smart sleep tracking products such as Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker.  Both devices use a thin array of biosensors that are housed in a strip that is placed under your mattress or mattress topper. This is an advantage over other non-wearable sleep trackers that need to be placed immediately under the sheets, and thus possibly causing discomfort.


Similarly, as many other modern sleep monitoring devices, Emfit QS is fully autonomous and will automatically start tracking and recording your vital signs as soon as you lie down on the bed.


Emfit QS Design & Ergonomics

Emfit QS can be purchased in both black and white variants, enabling you to easily match it with the style of your bed and bedroom. The device itself sports a sleek and modern design that features a single 1.8-metre cord that is attached to the sensor slip. The cable serves as WiFi antenna.


While the manufacturer claims that a single Emfit QS can track the vital signs of two persons, for the best results you should position the sensor strip directly below your sleeping position on your side of the bed.


Once installed, Emfit QS works automatically, and you are not required to turn it on or activate it before sleeping. Tracking of vitals during sleep is automatic. The only thing users need to do is lie down and sleep, while Emfit QS will continuously record all available data and prepare an analytic overview of your night’s sleep.


Emfit QS cannot be synced to mobile or desktop app. Instead, all of its analytics are accessible via the local web page that is hosted directly on the device and shared to your local network via built-in WiFi module that is housed inside the device.


Emfit QS Advanced Features

Heart-rate variability (HRV) measurement

Emfit QS is at this time the only sleep tracking device that offers an advanced and comprehensive way of monitoring, recording and analysing heart-rate variability (HRV) biomarker that is highly coveted by athletes who want to maximise their health, sporting performance and even recovery times. Of course, this biomarker is also useful for every user who wants to gain additional insights about their health and quality of their sleep.


HRV is a process of measuring times of the gaps between heart beats. Even though you may not think it accurate, the correct measurement of good health is not low HRV timings between beets, but the high amount of variability of beets during a good night's sleep. This high HRV count depicts that your parasympathetic response (the part of your autonomic nervous system that regulates and promotes sleep, relaxation, digestion and recovery) is functioning properly.


Cardiovascular medical specialists have used HRV as one of the core metrics to track and monitor health recovery of their patients for several decades. However, recently this technique received a significant boost in popularity among athletes, sport and fitness professionals who use it to track the state of their rest, sleep and recovery periods. HRV can also be used to detect if an athlete has overtrained and put too much strain on their health.


Emfit QS Software

Emfit QS easily outclasses its competitors when looking how much its sensors can detect and record:

  • Heart-rate-variability (HRV) over entire night period
  • Measurement of the balance of autonomous nervous system (ANS)
  • 3-stage sleep classification (REM, deep, light, awake)
  • Heart rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Morning sleep score
  • Resting heart rate
  • Rate of tossing & turning
  • Movement activity

Analytics can be access not from the mobile app,but from within Emfit web platform that can be loaded on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or home PC that is connected to the same home network as your Emfit QS. The dashboard interface holds an impressive amount of data, with dozens of readouts of various vital signs measurements.  Each of those metrics can be expanded and viewed with in-depth precision, timeline view, trends and more. You overall sleep score is of course prominently showcased on the main dashboard screen.


Data collected by Emfit QS can be exported in CSV format, and there is also a built-in option for sharing your data with for example your coach or teammates.

Product Name: Emfit QS

Product Description: Sleep Tracker

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Telehealther Review


  • Very sensitive measuring device provides accurate data, especially heart and breathing rate.
  • Huge amount of tracking data, helpful for everyday use and sports people interested in maximizing their recovery and training schedule.
  • Choice of either uploading results to your smartphone or computer via WiFi, reducing the chance of Bluetooth connectivity problems.
  • Measuring strip sits under your mattress, so you have 100% contactless sleep monitoring.
  • Unobtrusive with no manual interaction needed. Just set it and go, and check the data in the morning.
  • Cons

  • Some people may not want a WiFi device on next to their bed all night.
  • If you sleep with a partner, they can affect the results if they roll over your measuring strip.
  • Huge amount of data and not enough sleep coaching advice. You need to be proactive to understand the data and take action based on it.
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