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First Derm

What is First Derm?

First Derm is one of the leaders in the field of teledermatology, an online medical service that allows you to quickly identify skin-related issues using nothing else but your phone, internet connection and advice of top-rated board-certified dermatologist that have so far helped users speaking 6 languages and from 160 countries.With this service you can quickly and affordably ask a dermatologists about any of your issues regarding skin, itches and more.


How First Derm works?

First Derm asks users to create at least two photos of their affected skin area using their smartphone - an overview photo, and a close-up photo. After filling up user information, your data will be sent to secure First Derm servers using the encrypted connection and distributed to active dermatologists. They will review your case, and send you back information about possible diagnosis, possible treatment and notify you if you need to visit your local dermatologist, pediatrician or clinic.



First Derm pricing structure in the US:

8-hour response - $59.99

24-hour response - $39.99

48-hour response - $29.99

Pricing for EU users:

8-hour response - 54.99€

24-hour response - 30.99€

48-hour response - 19.99€

Additional $15 (10€) fee is applied if you request a physical copy of your processed case.

First Derm Doctor Credentials

First Derm employs only board-certified dermatologists who have been additionally vetted by the iDoc24 advisory board, which includes full background checks and a screening test.

What can First Derm treat?

With this service, you can get identification (not a medical diagnosis, but a general information only) of various skin conditions, such as eczema, moles, rashes, itches and more. The service claims that it can provide reliable advice for 70% of cases they receive.

User Data Security

First Derm is fully compliant with modern medical security requirements, including secure user access, encrypted communication, and safe storing of user data. User data is stored on First Derm servers for the period of 10 years.

Supported Platforms

iOS, Android and web browser

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, Swedish, French and Italian.

Regional Restrictions

This teledermatology service is available worldwide.



Name: First Derm

Description: Online consultations with dermatologist

  • 9/10
    Time of response - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Easy to use - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Privacy data - 9/10

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  • Available Anywhere
  • No personal data is needed
  • All data is encrypted
  • Working time is 24/7
  • Cons

  • Video call is missing
  • Long wait time for reply
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