Non-wearable sleep trackers

Hello Sense

Hello Sense is a sleep tracker that looks truly unique. Shaped like a futuristic ball, when placed on your bedside table it can effortlessly track your sleep patterns and environmental factors of your bedroom. Close observations of your sleep are done via a standalone sensor that needs to be placed just under your pillow.

When the morning comes, Sense will create analytics overview of your night, quality of sleep and comparisons between current and past metrics.

These two devices (an orb and a small “sleep pill” sensor package) work in tandem to provide you data both before and after your sleep.

Priced at just $129 and featuring intuitive sensor platform that will provide you with actionable advice, Sense represents one of the best ways to improve or monitor your sleep.


Hello Sense Overview

Hello Sense comes in two pieces. First one is a stylish orb the size of a tennis ball decorated with abstract “bird’s nest” motif. It monitors your bedroom environment for any potential sleep disturbance, offers visual cues about the current state of your bedroom, and stays in communication with a second part of the package - a small “sleep pill” sensor that needs to be placed under your pillow.

hello sense

Orb comes in two colors (white and charcoal) and requires constant power via micro USB connector. It can also communicate with the user by glowing in several colors. When users wave their hand over the orb, Sense will glow with the color that depicts current sleeping conditions - green for good, yellow if something will potentially cause you sleep issues and orange if you need to adjust something. Precise information about what needs to be changed (temperature, humidity or audio noise) will be presented to you from inside Hello Sense mobile app.


In addition to monitoring sensors, Sense orb also features built-in audio speaker that can wake you up during the perfect sleep phase moment in the morning. The alarm can playback not only 15 audio tones but also a white noise that can help you go to sleep faster.


Sleep Pill Sensor Package

The primary way of monitoring your exact vital signs during sleep is achieved via small Sleep Pill device - a coin shaped sensor box that can be attached to the underside of your pillow. The sensor array of this device includes a gyroscope and the 6-axis accelerometer that detect your body movement. All collected data is sent automatically via low energy Bluetooth connection back to the base station.

Built-in battery of Sleep Pill can last you over a year, and it is waterproof so it can even survive the trip to the washing machine if you forget to detach it from your pillow sheets.

Sense’s base station can monitor sleeping patterns of up to two people, but for this to be achievable, you will need to purchase an additional standalone Sleep Pill.


Hello Sense Orb’s Environmental Sensors

Making sure that your bedroom environment is optimized for a good night sleep is one of the core jobs of the Helo Sense’s Orb. This is achieved using the following sensors:


    • Microphone - It detects the ambient noise levels in your bedroom, and can note when some noises during the night have managed to disturb your sleep, or when ambient noise levels in the evening will lead for you to fall asleep harder.
    • Light sensor - It detects the amount of ambient light in your bedroom and can record if some lights are causing you to become restless during the night.


  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) sensor




Hello Sense apps are available for free on Android and iOS mobile devices. Its smart software platform learns your sleeping patterns over time, enabling you to get more precise and personalized analytics reports and actionable suggestions.

The app includes the following functions:


  • Timeline - visually attractive representation and analysis of your sleep patterns and reports of any possible minor or major interruptions that caused worsening of your sleep quality. This includes occurrences of tossing and turning or sudden and notable changes in tracked environmental factors.
  • Sleep Insights - Suggestions that may improve your sleep quality.
  • Sleep Score - Personalized score that is based on your bedroom conditions and sleep quality.
  • Smart Alarm - Hello Sense orb can wake you at the best moment of your sleep cycle (when you are in your light sleep). Alarm features 15 built-in sounds.



Product Name: Hello Sense

Product Description: Sleep tracker


  • 8/10
    Looks - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Build Quality - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Ease of Use - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Data Quality - 9/10

Telehealther Review


  • Slick modern design
  • Nice alarm
  • Good for bed sharers
  • Data quality on par with FitBit Force
  • Don't have to wear anything on my body for tracking
  • Cons

  • Pain in the butt to setup
  • No snooze
  • No white noise generator
  • No API / integration points
  • Lack of detailed particulate information
  • Data only accessible via the app
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