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ResMed S+

The market of dedicated non-wearable sleep tracker devices have brought us many exciting products that may analyze our sleeping habits, but ResMed has adopted a bit different approach that aims to provide accurate tracking without compromising your bed experience with sensor packages that need to be placed near your head or below your sheets. Their S+ monitoring system comes in a unique non-contact package that fully relies on low-energy radio-waves to achieve monitoring of your bedroom environment and quality of your sleep.


ResMed S+ Overview

With S+, you get the fully standalone and non-contact sleep tracker package that relies on wireless scanning to achieve precise monitoring and analyzing of vital signs to improve your sleep. It achieves that by using ultra low-power radio waves to detect movement of your upper body (breathing patterns and body movements) during sleep. To achieve this, sleep trackers rely on wristbands or sensors placed on the bed itself. S+ is unique among many of them, enabling true wireless monitoring without anything touching you or being close to you.

This ultra low power radio approach is achieved using Resmed’s patent-protected SleepSensor technology. This technology allows S+ to send a burst of short radio pulses, and reflections of those pulses are captured by the S+ base station like those used by echo location systems used by bats. Differences between radio reflection patterns during your regular night's sleep gives S+ enough data to capture your nighttime breathing patterns, movement in bed, positional changes, twitches and more.


All collected data is gathered into a database that is processed by advanced software algorithms developed by ResMed, enabling S+ to create a record of your breathing, movement, and finally, calculate your overall sleep state score and many other analytics reports that user can access via ResMed’s official mobile app. This includes time spent sleeping, a breakdown of sleep phases (deep, light and REM phases), movement tracker and more.


In addition to being focused on you while you are asleep, S+ also actively monitors your bedroom environment by measuring levels of ambient light, noise, and temperature. All those data points are included in the compiled analytics scores. S+ provides users with personalized and actionable feedback, with suggestions how to improve the quality of your sleep.


ResMed S+ Design and Ergonomics

S+ comes in the form of a stylish base station that is intended to be placed on your bed stand at the distance of no more than four feet away from your body.


The sensor package is located in a cube that is held in the air by stylish leg stands. The entire box has to be powered by the wall plug, but to make it more convenient, ResMed has included a USB socket that you can use to charge your phone during the night.


ResMed S+ Software

Software suite of ResMed S+ is accessible via an official Android and iOS app that features the following services:


  • Charts and Analysis - Visual representations of data gathered during your sleep.
  • Relax - Speaker function that synchronizes playback of soothing sounds in tempo with your breathing patterns just before you have fallen to sleep.
  • S+ Mentor - Personalized suggestions based on your gathered sleep data.
  • Mind Clear - Voice note recording feature.
  • Smart Alarm - Alarm that wakes you up during the right phase of your sleep, thus making you feel more refreshed in the morning.

Product Name: ResMed S+

Product Description: Sleep Tracker


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  • Reasonably accurate tracking of light, deep and REM sleep stages and wakings.
  • Compares your sleep score against the average for your age and gender.
  • Measures light, noise and temperature in the bedroom.
  • A nightly questionnaire about factors like alcohol, caffeine, activity and stress levels helps correlate your daily behavior with your sleep.
  • Encourages you to leave a text or voice memo to clear your mind and relax before sleeping.
  • Synchronizes with your breathing to play relaxing sounds through your phone.
  • Smart alarm wakes you gently during a light stage of sleep.
  • Provides personalized sleep coaching advice based on your sleep pattern, bedroom environment and lifestyle.
  • Detailed results and sleep graphs on a very clear phone App, with even more on the website.
  • Printable sleep report you can take to your doctor.
  • Cons

  • You need to tell it when you’re physically in bed and about to try to sleep.
  • Uses a lot of mobile phone battery, but does have a USB port to charge during the night.
  • Needs to be paired with your phone throughout the night.
  • You have to use your phone to control it.
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