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SevenHugs HugOne

Tracking of sleep patterns and environmental factors that may affect the quality of your sleep for your entire family may be a daunting task for many sleep trackers, but SevenHugs HugOne was built from the ground up to just that. Consisting of the sleek and modern-looking base station and up to eight mini-sensors (called Minihugs) that can be placed in the corner of beds, HugOne effortlessly manages to collect a wide array of sensor data both from your living room and all your sleeping quarters.

To make itself even more appealing, SevenHugs HugOne also has the capability of being a smart remote device that can control how your other IoT and Smart Home devices are operating.


HugOne Overview

SevenHugs has managed to innovate in the world of smart home devices several times now (most recently with their Smart Remote that was showcased at CES 2017), but their home monitoring base station HugOne takes their innovation to the whole another level. Built by the mantra that digital device should be effortless for installation, use and control, SevenHugs has managed to design and execute on their latest home monitoring package that can offer your entire family valuable insights on the quality of your sleep, environmental factors that may impact your sleep, and much more.


After installation of SevenHugs HugOne into your home (which consists of just placing base station in the bedroom of your home, and individual Minihugs just under the sheets of your beds), monitoring of your home will start automatically, and every device will work autonomously from that point on. Mini Hugs will, of course, require battery recharge after a while.


The base station and Minihugs can easily track the family’s sleep patterns, movement activity in beds, and also environmental factors such as your room temperature, humidity and air quality. HugOne can be synced to work together with Nest thermostats and Philips Hue light bulbs, thus allowing you and your home members always to have an optimal temperature for sleeping and daily activities, and to wake up with optimal light levels already being active in your room.


HugOne Design and Ergonomics

SevenHugs HugOne basic package consists of a single sleek base station, and two battery powered Minihugs sensors coloured in blue and pink. This setup is enough for sleep tracking of just TWO persons (base station will monitor your bedroom, and two Minihugs under the sheets of you and your partner). However, if you have a large family, you can purchase extra Minihugs, as the base station can accommodate communication to up to eight of these remote sensors.


The base station is created from white plastic and see-through stand and can be easily connected to your home WiFi network. All the communication with MiniHugs sensors is done using a proprietary wireless protocol that is established automatically between the base station and remote sensors.


The base station has two types of notification lights. The illuminated ring at the top will glow when the device detects poor air quality, while the bottom part of the base will glow when the base station detects what the best time for you to go to bed is.


Minihug Sleep Sensor Overview

Minihug sensors are intended to automatically monitor the sleeping conditions in the beds of your children who sleep in their rooms. Small sensors need to be placed in the corner of the beds, just below the sheet or below the pillow. A small mattress strip that increases the sensitivity of the sensors is required to be used for children aged under 13. This same strip is recommended to be used in any bed if the mattress is made out of memory foam that may affect the sensitivity of sensors.


SevenHugs has designed Minihugs not to activate their wireless communication when they detect that child has started using their bed. All the data collected throughout the night is stored until morning when data is transmitted to the base station. This ensures that children are not submitted to the unnecessary level of wireless signals that are trasmitted from near their heads.


Minihugs are equipped with a single CR2032 battery that is enough to power the entire device for at least six months.


Environmental monitoring and smart home integration

HugOne base station automatically monitors the air quality in the main bedroom of your home. It does so utilise technology that uses something called a “Volatile Organic Compound”. Other sensors track the changes in air temperature and air humidity.


The base can be synced with two popular smart home devices - Nest thermostat (for setting optimal daily and sleeping temperatures) and Philips Hue smart lights (for adjusting the amount of red and blue wavelengths for maintaining of best sleep patterns).


HugOne can also work with powerful IFTTT smart software solution that may connect your Home sensors with hundreds of other online services. HugOne can also be controlled from Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa.


The company is currently working on enabling integration of HugOne with other popular smart home platforms such as Apple Homekit and Apple Health.


HugOne Software

This powerful SevenHugs smart home device delivers its daily reports to users via Android and iOS devices. Their app can be downloaded for free, and during the creation of an account, users will be prompted to enter gender, height and age of all the members of their family that will be tracked by HugOne’s sensors. This app is also the place where you will need to give your WiFi network credentials to base stations and assign a minihug sensor to a primary user and all the other members of your home.


When all minihugs are assigned and placed in the bed, HugOne will automatically start working and sensing when you are in the bed. Users don’t need to control anything manually.


The app can deliver daily reports of awake times, sleeping times, light and deep sleep stages, overall sleep scores, and all those reports are infused with secondary sensor measurements of room temperature, humidity and air quality.


Product Name: SevenHugs HugOne

Product Description: Sleep Tracker


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  • Simple to use
  • For the whole family
  • Non wearable
  • No synchronisation or recharging required
  • Monitors environment (temperature, humidity and air quality)
  • Personalised scores and advice
  • Cons

  • Hard to control lights
  • Less customised app
  • Data interpretation is complex
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