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Withings Aura

Withings Aura is a multifunctional sleep system that employs several techniques of sleep tracking and bedroom environmental monitoring to create personalized and scientifically-designed sleep-wake programs that will enhance the quality of your sleep.

In its basic package, Withings Aura comes as a bedside device of considerable dimensions (11 inches tall) that has functionalities such as environmental monitoring (light, noise, and temperature), smart alarm and intelligent illumination system.

Optionally you can purchase a secondary cloth sleep sensor that can be tucked under your mattress at the position of your chest, with just a small electronic housing needed to hang over the side of your bed.

In its complete package, Withings Aura enables users to take advantage of a fully-featured sleep monitoring and coaching system that will actively work and provide them with actionable recommendations how to enhance their quality of sleep.

In addition to this non-wearable device, Withings has also released stylish smart clock Withing Steel HR that can also track your sleep.


Withings Aura Overview

Anyone who purchases Withings Aura will initially be impressed with its size. It comes in the form of large slab of plastic that serves the role of bedside light and speaker that can serve the role of environmental sleep tracking and basic services such as waking you up gently in the morning using specific wavelengths of light that will switch your sleep into the light stage before waking.  However, the full capabilities of this device can be accessed when you purchase an optional sensor accessory that will transform Withings Aura into a fully-featured sleep monitoring system.

withings aura sleep system

One of the primary capabilities of Withings Aura is enabling you to fall asleep faster by illuminating your room with a scientifically-proven program of light and sound during the time you are trying to get asleep. Each of the numerous programs that Aura has built-in into its memory lasts 20 minutes.

But Withings Aura will not be idle during your sleep. It will continue to provide illumination while you are sleeping, engulfing your bedroom into sunset light spectrum (with various shades of red) and low-intensity ambiental sound that will all promote better sleep and more regular release of melatonin ( a hormone that is released in the darkness that helps us sleep better).

In the morning, Aura will start intensifying its audiovisual output, promoting more colors from the sunrise light spectrum (various shades of blue) and playing a crescendo sounds. Smart alarm feature will time your waking up to fit perfectly inside a window when you are experiencing light sleep phase. That will enable you to wake up feeling refreshed and satisfied by good night's sleep. If you are tired of waking up with a sharp shock and feeling so called alarm grogginess, Aura’s smart alarm system will most surely be one of the best features of this smart sleep monitoring device.

Aura has the built-in sensors that can monitor the environmental temperature, noise and light levels, while the optional mattress sleep sensors can monitor users activity in bed, respiration and heart rate.


Withings Aura Design and Ergonomics

Withings Aura base station is made from plastic, and mattress sleep sensor is made from cloth. The sleep sensor should be placed below the mattress at the position of your chest, with just small part of the device (it’s electronics housing) hanging out for from the side of the bed.

Base station features the impressive dimensions, and since manufacturer recommends that you place it at least 1 meter from your bed to get the best experience, some users who don’t have a lot of space near their bed may have issues finding good for it.  With its 11 inches of height, the base station can dominate your bedroom.

Around a third of device is taken up by a large speaker system, and the rest is taken by the design of the LED illumination housing (which is shaped in the form of a recessed and hollow dome). The entire base station may look unsightly and too large at first, but as soon you turn it off and see the LED illumination in action, its size, and visual design flaws will melt away.


Withings Aura Software

Sleep tracking reports and coaching tips can be accessed via Health Mate app that is available for both iOS and Android (4.3+). Through it, you can register and setup your Aura device. Please note that setting up of the sleep monitoring service requires assigning a user to the device and providing several personal details that will be used to calculate most accurate results (user's weight, age, gender, and height).

The analytics that is accessible through Health Mate app can provide you with the following reports:

  • When you have fallen asleep
  • Duration of sleep phases (light, deep and REM)
  • Number and length of times you have woken up during night
  • Sleep goals achievements (in percentages)
  • Heart rate chart
  • And more



Name: Withings Aura Smart Sleep System

Description: Sleep Tracker

  • 8/10
    Looks - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Build Quality - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Ease of Use - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Data Quality - 9/10

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  • Effectively helps you to get to sleep and wake up
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Extra USB port for charging phone
  • Cons

  • Delivers some questionable data
  • Some syncing issues
  • Bed sensor occasionally makes buzzing noises
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