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Zeeq Smart Pillow

This “world’s smartest pillow” brings comprehensive sleep analysis, snore prevention, IoT integration with external services such as Amazon Alexa and wireless music streaming into your bed. Created by the well-known brand of activity and sleep tracking devices Rem-Fit, this non-wearable device successfully manages to be an all-in-one solution for people seeking a simpler approach to sleep tracking. It hosts a wide variety of other advanced features that bring it above capabilities of many competing devices.

Overview of Zeeq Smart

Described by Rem-Fit as “Swiss Army knife of pillows,” this device has managed to impress us with the extensive lists of advanced features that can all be used to improve your night rest considerably. Some of the best technological features of Zeeq Smart Pillow are:

-2-week battery life

-Snore detection and prevention

-Sleep tracking

-Analysis of sleep patterns

-Smart-home integration (Alexa, IFTTT)

-Built-in alarm clock (partner-friendly)

-Wireless music streaming


Zeeq Smart Pillow Design and Ergonomics

At first glance, Zeeq looks like an ordinary pillow with only its larger size and a bit aggressive branding making it stand out from standard bed pillows.


On its outside, it is coated with the pillowcase made from temperature-regulating Tencel fabric, which was made using sophisticating nanotechnology process and all-natural components. The bulk of the insides of Zeek is made from interchangeable memory foam, which means that you can change the overall feel of the pillow according to your needs.

As for technology inside of it, there are several sensors such as 3-axis gyroscope, microphone, and accelerometer, an array of eight miniature precision speakers with wireless Bluetooth capability, vibration motors that activate when snoring is detected, and a wired remote control for easier access to essential features. Wireless speakers can be synced to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Manufacturer of Zeeq Smart Pillow promotes that this smart sleep tracker device has a battery life of between 5 and 15 days.

Advanced Features

Sleep tracking and analysis

One of the primary capabilities of Zeek is the detection of body movement and orientation that is achieved using real-time measurements from 3-axis accelerometer. The analysis of your sleep patterns can be seen in Zeeq app that features data on your sleep activity, a breakdown of timings for your light and deep sleep stages, sleep motion, snore decibels, sleep duration and overall sleep score.

Zeeq app can also be used to set up an advanced alarm that will analyze your current state of sleep and slowly start to wake you with built-in vibrators during the time of your light sleep. This enables a natural and gentler waking up process, which will make you feel much more rested after suddenly jumping from bed when your smartphone alarm starts ringing.

Wireless music

One of the unique features of Zeeq Smart Pillow is its integration with music streaming services for people who want to listen calming music, natural sounds or audiobook before they doze off to sleep. The pillow features eight miniature precision speakers that focus sound only on the person on top of the pillow (thus giving partner in bed music-free time). This enhances comfort and friendliness in your sleeping room, enabling only a person who is using Zeeq Smart Pillow to enjoy music.

Since the speakers in the pillow are only reproducing sound that is requested by your synced phone, tablet or laptop, Zeeq Smart Pillow can effortlessly stream music from Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and many other services. It even has internal memory with pre-installed sound and relaxation programs such as soothing music tracks, sounds of the nature, and binaural beats. Audio reproduction can be limited with a timer that will automatically switch off all speakers after a predetermined period of your choice.

Snoring detection and prevention

Zeeq Smart Pillow is a excellent solution for people suffering from frequent snoring. It’s built in sensors (most importantly, in this case a microphone) can detect times when you snore, and activate built-in vibrators that will lightly shake you and cause you to switch position in bed.

Zeeq’s microphone continuously monitors your breathing patterns, which enables it to instantly detect when you switch from normal breathing to light and then heavy snoring.

More details about your rate of snoring can be monitored via Zeeq app, including activity trends, patterns, and reduction of snoring over time. The app also has tools that can help you adjust the strength of the anti-snoring vibrator motors.

IoT and Smart Home integration

Zeeq Smart Pillow can indeed be called “smart,” because it can not only be synced with your home mobile or laptop device but can also exchange data with most popular IoT (Internet of Things) and Smart Home devices and services such as  Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

Amazon Alexa integration is especially useful. You can simply ask Alexa about your sleeping habits, and it will automatically take and tell you about your activity patterns, snoring score, your sleeping ratings across desired period, and more. You can also set alarms by only talking with Alexa.

Advanced automation platform IFTTT (If That, Then This) can also be leveraged to extract full capabilities of Zeeq Smart Pillow. With this service you can connect your smart pillow with other smart devices in your house, enabling you, for example, to shut down your lights when you put your head on a pillow, automatically unlock doors when you wake up, adjust bedroom temperature if pillow detects you are restless, and more.

Finally, Zeeq Smart Pillow also features a special button on its remote. ‘Stop Sleep” button can be used to automatically turn on lights when you wake up or even activate coffee maker.

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Product Name: Zeeq Smart Pillow

Product Description: Smart Pillow

Price: $159.99


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  • It is comfortable and adjustable.
  • There is plenty of integrated technology to make it multi-functional.
  • It is well made and of high quality.
  • It is firm but not too firm, which adds to its comfort levels.
  • Cons

  • It is not as effective at stopping snoring as pillows such as the Nitetronic goodnite™.
  • It does come at a higher price due to the technology that integrated into it.
  • Setting up can be a struggle if you are relying on the manual.
  • I experienced issues with connectivity intermittently for several weeks.
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